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Check out the demo room: decorate with click and drop builder, connect your Phantom wallet, show off your NFTs, and invite your friends over! Show us your room on Portals Discord!
Begin Key Hunt Room
Hop in, walk around, and explore the items to find the key. All 100 keys have been claimed, but you can still get a special Discord role if you make it to the end. Make sure you join the Portals Discord!

Portals NFT: Hello Future Resident.

Join us as one of the first residents of Portals and come help us turn the solarpunk dream into reality. A Portals NFT will grant you ownership to one of the units in Building One. The NFT will be your proof of ownership and access card to your space the building. The card will store and remember (metaphorically) everything you own and build in Portals!

Mint Date: November 26 at 1 PM PST / 10 PM CET
Mint Price: 1.5 SOL
Supply: 5000

Drag and drop room builder, arrange space with inventory

Q: What is the Portals NFT?
A: The Portals NFT will be your “key”. You will get Real Estate (space) in the city.

Q: When is the mint?
A: Friday November 26 at 1 PM PST / 9 PM UTC / 10 PM CET

Q: How much will the mint be?
A: 1.5 SOL

Q: How many NFTs/Access Cards? (supply)
A: 5000 NFTs

Q: What kind of mint is it? (FPL or FCFS?)
A: It’s FCFS (first come first serve) classic mint.

Q: Where do I find the mint link?
A: The link for the mint will be posted in 📣︱announcements on November 26

Q: Is there Rarity/Differences in the NFTs?
A: Yes. There will be 3 types of cards:
1. Vision (most rare)
2. Onyx
3. Ivory
All rooms will have a good amount of space, but the rare ones will have even more space to build on. The thought behind this is to have spaces where people can host communities, create large galleries, do DAO townhalls, etc.

Read more: A brief guide to Portals: Your place in the metaverse.

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Key Hunt

The Key Hunt Has Begun

The Portals team is looking to bring the best hackers from the 80’s into the future because we need all the help we can get to beat the evil corp metaverse. The first 100 hackers to establish a server connection into the future and get into Portals will be rewarded with Portals NFTs. Do you have what it takes? Seriously, no rookies, we need the best of the best!

🔑 All 100 keys have been claimed, but you can still get a special Discord role if you make it to the end.

Enter Key Hunt 

Explore, invite, chat, build, show off your NFTs — right in the browser.

Portals is a web-based metaverse platform that we’ve been working on this year that we’re really excited to finally reveal and bring to the Solana ecosystem. We started building Portals in early 2021 because we didn’t see a compelling and accessible metaverse emerging on the web.

We want to be able to explore a dense, virtual Neo-Tokyo/New York and explore a single city block with hundreds of fun things to do and discover. We are building a framework so that everyone is incentivised to invite cool people and create cool spaces for a thriving downtown.

Real estate and token incentives will be distributed in a way that ensures a dense, interesting city center for new users to explore. Instead of big land sales, we’re starting with user experience first to build a grassroots community of builders and players.


Demo Features

Our goal is to make it incredibly easy for anyone to build interactive spaces right in your browser, no need to download apps. To start, it’s like a hackable Animal Crossing, right in the browser.

Build your space with a flexibile drag + drop room builder and inventory items created in collabration with awesome artists. Decorate your room, put up your favorite posters, display your NFT, put on your favorite track.

Enter Demo 

Drag + Drop room builder. Arrange your space with inventory items

Drag and drop room builder, arrange space with inventory
Build your dream hacker room with drag and drop builder, completed with your favorite consoles. — v0.7.14

Connect a Phantom wallet to import and show off your NFT

Connect your Phantom wallet to bring in NFT, add a link and take people to your secondary marketplace link. — v0.7.14

Send a link to your friends to hangout and chat right in your browser

Two players watching TV together.
Watch YouTube, hangout, chill, just like you would IRL. — v0.7.14

Add interactivity to any items to create immersive experiences

Add PacMan to the retro arcade and play right inside of Portals — v0.7.14

Solana Ignition Hackathon Winner

It has been amazing hearing from everyone and the warm reception of Portals has been incredibly rewarding, but we’re not getting comfortable – this is just the beginning. We have many exciting things coming up.

In the next phase, we will be working on:

  • Room ownership and permissions1
  • More NFT integrations2
  • Community partnerships3
  • Early-adopter outreach


Built for Density

We want everyone — crypto-natives or not — to have a seamless experience hopping in to gather, collect items, build, explore, arrange a place, participate in economic activities, form communities, play user-built levels in the city center arcade, and work towards building the best city in the metaverse.

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